About Us

ISP Wholesale Networks (TIS) is a wholesale aggregator of Internet services. Our product line consists of DSL, T1’s, VoIP, Mobile Broadband, Cable, Fiber, Wireless backup and Tech support services.

While most providers sell a single type of service, TIS has grouped together providers and products to form a National Footprint to offer ISPs and businesses the best possible rates by tier and products rather than by company.

With the transformation of the Internet and the reduction of Dialup and in most cases today shared DSL many of our ISPs’ subscribers have been changing to a higher speed solution, which in the recent past would cause the ISP to lose their subscriber base.

TIS, together with our backbones, has created a nationwide one stop shop for ISPs to order High speed connections to offer a service that will not only allow our ISPs to compete in the open market, but retain or retrieve subscribers that otherwise might have been gone forever.

Many ISPs have struggled in the past with inability to offer a single end to end solution for DSL, meaning that the local provider would charge the subscriber for the local loop side of the connection and the ISP would charge for the connectivity part. This would cause conflicts with many customers and ISPs would lose the subscriber directly to the local provider. With our One Bill Option, you can now bill your customers for the entire service and make a profit on both parts of the service.

One of the biggest draws to TIS is our bundled products. Regardless which service your subscribers are using DSL, Cable or Wireless, you can add our VoIP or wireless backup products and give your subscribers an added value service along with our first class 24×7 Tech Support center.

ISP Wholesale Networks has chosen Server Plus as our exclusive support center for many reasons. Their custom built solutions for each ISP cannot be matched, and being based in Orem UT, ISPs can be assured that their subscribers will be handled with care.

ISP Wholesale Networks, established in 2009, is a national wholesale provider of Internet services featuring an executive team with more than 20 years’ experience. The partners of ISP Wholesale Networks have dedicated themselves to servicing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) with backbone services such as Dialup, DSL, Cable, T1s and Wireless backup connectivity, under the ISPs’ or WISPs’ own label.

During 2019, ISP Wholesale Networks added extra-valued services, such as Private Labeled VoIP systems, Email, Web Hosting and 24 x 7 Tech Support.

ISP Wholesale Networks plans to develop additional features for its clients, such as Total Turnkey ISP Solutions to include DSL, Cable, Email and VoIP Packages, all backed with its first class 24 x 7 End-subscriber Tech Support Center.

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