Business Solutions

IT Consulting – With the growing need to reduce costs, TheISPStore can help you review your current services and do the following:

Review and Audit your current bills along with usage to see if you are currently being over billed

Review your Current Pricing and adjust your offerings to save you funds

Streamline your current Product and services to add value added products to increase your company’s income

If TheISPStore can not save you money through our consulting services we can offer you a list of companies that can help you decrease your overhead while at the same time increase your profits. Contact us today for details.

Billing Solutions – Billing is increasingly becoming critical in the strategy of Internet service businesses. As competition heats up, companies must differentiate themselves by introducing new services and innovative value-added offerings, each with different pricing structures.
Our billing system is specifically designed to accommodate the strenuous billing needs of Internet based services. The system supports virtually unlimited pricing models and enables complex service discounting. Billing activity is tracked and aggregated, maintaining a complete audit trail – regardless of the number of services, pricing structures, and discounting complexities – to produce a single detailed bill.

Outsourced Support – Outsourcing your technical support is a great way to provide top notch customer services while locking your expenses down and saving you money.

Award Winning Service from Agents that Care About Your Subscribers.
24/7/365 Native English Speaking Support and Customer Service
Completely Branded (All calls answered using your company name)
Simple, Easy Real-Time Reporting
100% Recording of Calls
Decision Trees are Completely Customizable for Your ISP

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