Wholesale 4G/3G Wireless

The next generation of highspeed Internet is ready and online waiting for the ISP to market. This product is 4G/3G wireless networking.  Many ISP’s offer dialup, DSL, and some 802.11 wireless but availability in rural areas is sketchy at best.

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TheISPStore has found that using a 4G/3G network services is the next wave of the Internet experience. Together with our team of skilled Network Operations Specialists, TheISPStore has brought to market one of the most aggressive networks at wholesale pricing that will not only cover those hard to reach areas, but will reach the areas that DSL can’t.

3gmapInternet Service Providers have an opportunity to provide a branded 4G/3G wireless service to their existing client base. As an alternative to dial-up, 3G broadband offers end users the convenience to access the Internet from anywhere data coverage is offered at speeds up to 1.5mbps. On the nationwide network, users may access the Internet from virtually anywhere in the U.S. without incurring roaming fees.

In the past few years the ISP’s have fought with the local providers to not only keep services active, but to increase the offerings that they have in the area. When looking at the 3G Network analysts predict it will be a solid telecom solution for many years. Over the next decade, 3G Networks will be driving major revenues for telecom operators as 3G networks will serve as the fill-gap until 4G networks are rolled out. Recently, Tedesco published a report which predicted that 3G technologies will account for 8 billion worldwide wireless subscriptions by 2013.